boy-brushPeople have never been so focused in the appearance of their teeth. But avoiding wayward bicuspids, chipped choppers or dental discoloration to have a perfect flawless smile may come at hearty prices. Teeth cleaning are one of the available options to create your perfect smile. When your teeth are clean and white, a smile is effortless.

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning are the removal of dental plaque from teeth, in order to prevent cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontitis. It is part of a complete program of oral hygiene.

Why is there such a huge difference in costs?

Many of my friends get confused as to why there is such a huge difference in pricing when they call for teeth cleaning quotes. The price depends on the procedure. There are three kinds of teeth cleaning procedures:

  1. Scaling is done to remove biofilm, calculus, and toxin down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket in order to obtain a healing response.
  2. Polishing is a technique used to smoothen the tooth surface. The purpose of polishing is to make it difficult for plaque to accumulate on the surface area. Tooth surface is rubbed by rubber cup or brush.
  3. Sandblasting is the use of stressful water and sand to keep the stains away without damaging the teeth’s enamel.
  4. Root planning is a deep-cleaning, non- surgical procedure generally done when the depth of the pockets around the teeth is deeper than 3 millimeters — an early sign of gum disease. Under local anesthetic, plaque and tartar below the gum line are smoothed (planning) to remove bacteria and give a clean surface for the gums to reattach to the teeth. This is done using a local anesthetic and generally re- quires two to four office visits, each last- ing around 45 minutes to an hour.

A great smile starts with clean, white teeth.

Here are some important tips to prevent cavities and have a healthy smile:

  • Brush properly at least twice a day. Spend at least two minutes each time you brush. • Brushing properly does not mean brushing harder — use short and gentle strokes. Be especially gentle around the gum line.
  • Start on the outer surfaces of your up- per teeth and finish with the lower teeth. • Brushing your tongue can also keep your breath fresh as it cleans the bacteria that may accumulate on the surface of the tongue.
  • For many people, the electric tooth- brushes are a good alternative to traditional toothbrushes as they give a much better clean, plus they help massage the gums.
  • No matter what kind of toothbrush you use, be sure to replace it every three months.
  • Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after you brush and/or eat to keep bacteria at bay.

The price of Teeth Cleaning

In Beijing, the cost of teeth cleaning can range anywhere from 120 RMB to 1500 RMB. Different service procedure and environment determine these prices. A standard teeth cleaning and dental exam ranges from 400 RMB to 1000 RMB. At Joinway Dental Clinic, we offer a competitive price of only 400 RMB.

Ask Dr. Jane Zhang, that’s Beijing dentistry health adviser.