jane-articleI’m Dr. Jane Zhang, Senior Dentist at Joinway Dental Service in Beijing from 2009 onwards, I will be your that’s Beijing dentistry health adviser. I share your interest in maintaining dental health and pursuing a white, elegant and sparkling smile. Therefore, my monthly suggestions and answers to your quetions will help you take good care of your teeth by following the best and latest trends in cosmetic dentistry. “Creating your Perfect Smile” will be our major goal in 2009.

11-years of clinical dentistry experience led me to believe that dentistry is an art form, that’s why it’s not enough for a dentist to focus exclusively on his or her technical skills. Good dentists are aware that one’s image is a powerful means of communication nowadays and that patients going to the dentist should also be pleased about the ‘looks’ of their mouth and teeth as well as solving den- tal health issues.

This is where Cosmetic Dentistry plays an essential role. Cosmetic Dentistry deals with dental procedures aiming to improve the overall aesthetics of our smiles. Crown placement, teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings, orthodontics, restorations, and gum reshaping are some of the treatments provided by Cosmetic Dentistry. Many cosmetic den- tal practices now offer a facial rejuvenation similar to a nonsurgical face-lift with outstanding results and an increase in an individuals’ self-esteem, self-confidence and personal relationships.

In the coming that’s Beijing issues, I’ll assist you on concerns such as:

- How can I achieve and maintain a great smile?

- What should I do to improve my teeth? – Which are the several available meth- ods of teeth cleaning?

- How can I change the coloration of my teeth?

- How do I know if I need Orthodontics? – How can I reshape my gums?

- How do I know which procelain crown is right for me?

- What’s periodontal disease?

The counseling on these and other issues will always include information about the most advanced techniques in dental implants, and the modern tech- nologies applied in stomatology.

Based on many clinical and social- networking experiences with foreign patients and friends in Beijing, my prac- tice is particularly sensitive to their con- cerns about receiving dental care and treatments in Beijing. The language bar- rier is often the main reason why many expats are reluctant to use local dental services. It’s difficult to be fully aware of a dentist’s skills, to avoid misunder- standings and to build a trustful doctor- patient relationship without sharing the same language.

“Dentistry is an art form. That’s why it’s not enough for a dentist to focus exclusively on technical skills”

Sterilization procedures and dental care prices are also on the list of expat concerns when considering dental care in Beijing. Many expats would rather go to the dentist in their home countries where they can complain in case of mal- practice and receive their insurance companies’ benefits.

Most non-Chinese only visit local dentists in case of emergencies, such as a tooth breakage or an acute tooth- ache. Joinway Dental Service is a fully equipped clinic prepared to cater to expats as well as Chinese patients’ den- tal needs. During the Olympic period Joinway Dental Service treated foreign volunteers, Olympic workers, Olympic athletes and their relatives as well

as visitors from all over the world. The main causes for these patients’ dental emergencies were stress and changes in environment. The most common treatments expats choose to receive in China are teeth cleanings and check-ups along with children’s and adolescent’s orthodontics treatment. Meanwhile porcelain crown procedures and tooth extractions occupy the last position on the list of treatments accepted by expats in China.

This column will provide you with useful information on dental care and will help you get professional and safe dental services in Beijing. For further information or inquiries about dental care, email your questions to joinway@dentalcn.com

Readers’ questions answered in that’s Beijing will receive a Free Teeth- Cleaning card.

I wish all the readers good fortune and wonderful smiles!!

Jane Zhang, MD Dentist